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Process Event #2: RELATIONSHIPS. Feminist Legacies, Queer Intimacies
In Good Company (Horsepower): Materials from the Gift Science Archive, 1993 – present
Maquillage as Meditation
Black Revelry Quiet Storm, #3. Frequency: Return. Repeat. Replay. This set is inspired by the atmosphere of ‘Let’s Do It Again’ by The Staples Singers
Black Revelry Quiet Storm, #2. Dispersal: This groove is long, slow, and winding. Stretch, expand, and linger
Black Revelry Quiet Storm, #1. Gathering: An invitation for now and maybe tomorrow
From the Volcano to the Sea: The Feminist Group Le Nemesiache in 1970s and 1980s Naples
Mythologies/Methodologies. Approaching Feminist Collectivities of the 1970s and 1980s
Matt Mullican
On Matt Mullican by Vanessa Desclaux
Class of Masters
Flávio de Carvalho – A Lecture Performance
Flávio de Carvalho by Inti Guerrero
Cinema – this, Television – that
Supposing I love you. And you also love me, World Premiere
If I Can’t Dance Presents Artists Edition IV
Bete & Deise, World Premiere
Resonance and Transmission: From One Voice to Another
Bete & Deise
Wendelien van Oldenborgh: The Work We Do
Launch of Wendelien van Oldenborgh’s monograph, with Netherlands premiere of From Left to Night and screening of Bete & Deise, and lecture by David Dibosa
Iglu, European premiere
Who’s that Guy? About Guy de Cointet
Research Project: Affect
Who’s That Guy? Tell Me More About Guy de Cointet
Tell a Vision – Seminar about aspects of television’s impact on performing arts
Five Sisters and Seminar
Five Sisters at Culturgest, Lisbon
If I Can’t Dance Presents Artists Edition IV
Of All Possible Things (I)
Of All Possible Things
If I Can’t Dance Presents Artists Edition IV
If you shoot a bullet in a vacuum, will it keep travelling forever?
Fulll Firearms, Premiere
Performance in Residence
Study of a Mobile Object in Space and Time: A Visit by Isidoro Valcárcel Medina
18 pictures and 18 stories
18 pictures and 18 stories: art + document = fiction?
18 pictures and 18 stories
If I Can’t Dance Presents Artists Edition IV
Some Left
something else entirely
Workshop: Writing for/with Performance
Shannon Jackson: Choreographing Infrastructure
Open Reading Group #2: The Book Club – A Space for Collective Study and Experimentation
Bodily Movement and Cultural Idioms
Afro-pessimism and Social Death
The Politics of Movement
Open Reading Group #1
Technologies of Embodiment
Affect and Relationality
A Historiography of the Term Social Movement
Rituals of the Everyday
Gift Science Archive Process Event #1: VALUE / What is trash? What is trashy but valuable?
Appropriation and Dedication 3
Bibby/Blightman Weekend
Appropriation and Dedication 2
Midsummer Night
Mother Earth Breathing
Mother Earth Breathing: The Garden
By Any Other Name
Appropriation and Dedication 4
By Any Other Name
Emily Roysdon in Conversation
Appropriation and Dedication 3
Inner Stage
Inner Stage
A Song
A Song
Acoustic Thought and A Prayer
Acoustic Thought
Acoustic Thought
Roadie (Voice Throwing)
The Black Box Penny Arcade Peep Show / The Drumhead
I am a receptacle for your extremities
Appropriation and Dedication 5
Office Service
KUB Arena
Combination Boiler
The Drumhead
The Drumhead
Testing Some Beliefs
Gregg Bordowitz & Maggie Nelson
Materialist Geography and the Knight’s Move
Poets Don’t Lie: Appropriation and the Proper Power of the Voice
I See/You Mean
A Project by Lucy R. Lippard Submitted to the Projects Class, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Fall 1969
A Point in the Making: Three Days with Babette Mangolte
I See/La Camera: I and premiere of new film by Babette Mangolte
I See/La Camera: I
How We Behave (rehearsals)
How We Behave
How We Behave
How We Behave
How We Behave
How We Behave
How We Behave